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Braza - Reveal Bra

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Størrelse - Size
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Leveringstid: Lev. ca. 3 hverdage
Varenummer.: BB1005
Braza - USA

BH Tape, 5 par (10 stk.). 5 pair

When Jennifer Lopez appeared at the Grammy Awards, that now famous dress shifted and revealed the tape that was used to help hold her up.

When we saw this we knew it was time to develop another shape for our traditional adhesive bra. It actually took an engineer and his wife to design a product that would support, maintain breast shape and work perfectly with any deep plunge and sideless dress.

To make the package complete, we include clear double sided tapes to keep clothing in place and ‘not ‘reveal' more than desired.

Braza has a patent on this unique design and aeration system.

Can be used if you wear the following size bras:

70A-95A (32A-42A)
70A-90B (32B-40B)
70A-85C (32C-38C)

Not recommended for larger sizes.

Do not use on sensitive or sun burned skin.
Bør ikke bruges på følsom eller solbrændt hud.

100% Rayon with medical grade acrylic adhesive.