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Gatta Beauty bye cellulite 50 Den

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Leveringstid: Lev. 1-2 hverdage
Varenummer.: Gatta_50_Den
Gatta beauty bye cellulite

* unique built-in mineral additive absorbs the warmth of the human body converting it into far infrared rays
* far infrared rays are reflected back to the body´s tissues leading to a delicate, yet imperceptible warming of the body´s tissues
* they stimulate cellular metabolism, invigorate skin bllod supply and its general appearance, eliminate the apperance og cellulite

The tights improve the flow of lymph which positively supports the slimming effect that is combined with an anti - cellulite action.

The first effects are visible in the hips buttocks and belly area within approximately 4 weeks of use. The effectiveness of the tights´action does not decrease while numerous washing due to an application of a unique technology that combines a mineral additive with the fibre structure, wiich the product is made of.
Panty part due to the special construction i very tight fitting.

Polyamid 84%, Elastan 15%, Cotton 1 %

Definition af "denier" (tykkelse på strømpe)

60 denier og over er tyk
30 - 50 denier er halv-tyk;
20 denier er standard tynd;
15 - 19 denier er meget tynd;
10 - 14 denier er super tynd;
op til 9 denier er ultra tynd.